Womens Biker Shirts

Womens Biker Shirts

How Best Should Women’s Biker Shirts Fit?

Biker shirts are typical of men. But it may interest you to know that these amazing garment pieces can also look chic on women. No matter their age, stature, size or body type, women can present an awesome look wearing a biker shirt. Understanding how women’s biker shirts are designed and made is key to achieving the best fit.

Generally, this post is designed to explain the best ways women’s biker shirts can be worn. So, if you are a woman looking to own or purchase a biker shirt, here are some helpful tips you need to learn to help you look amazing in those t-shirts.


When it comes to choosing biker shirts that fit, sizing is always a very important factor to consider particularly for women. Even if you are not biking, you should be able to wear your T-shirt and still look good. Interestingly, there are different sizes of women’s biker shirts available online ranging from M (medium), L (large), XL (extra large), and XXL (extra, extra large). So, ensure to choose one that matches your actual size. As long as you are not pregnant, your selected shirt should not be larger than your actual size. Remember that these biker shirts are different from your regular t-shirts and baseball jerseys, they are customized, therefore, ensure to choose shirts that fit or simply go with your size.


Generally, the importance of quality can never be overruled when buying something to wear like shirts. Obviously, it’s not easy to tell the real quality of a product of this sort by mere looking at a photo. To this end, ensure to look for a suitable bikers shirt that is made of a good material. Locally made t-shirts tend to have better workmanship quality than those made overseas. The quality and construction style of your shirt will determine its quality. A double-stitched shirt is capable of lasting longer than a single-stitched shirt.


No one wants to be uncomfortable wearing a T-shirt. This is why most people prefer to put them on. Basically, a biker’s shirt should be made of natural fabrics that is ordinarily breathable. You will surely want to be comfortable in your tee-shirt. Any shirt that itches you, makes you over-heat or makes your skin sensitive is not the best fit for you. To avoid this unpleasantness, try to go for shirts with a higher percentage of natural fabrics. Cotton is a good example of natural fabric. Cotton materials provide a soft feel on the body. As a matter of fact, they will neither make your skin feel itchy or cause body heat. Shirts made of synthetic fabrics are not ideal for you to wear as they can make you over-heat quickly and even itch your skin.


When looking for women’s biker shirts, it is always essential to consider the cut. Unlike the men’s t-shirts which are relatively known to be cylindrical in shape, women’s biker t-shirts are usually cone-like in shape. They tend to expand in width when reaching the bottom. Basically, they are designed to provide more space or allowance for the hips.


Womens Biker Shirts
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