Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Accessories

Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Accessories

Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Accessories Checklist For Your First Road Trip

Taking a long distance road trip on a motorcycle requires proper planning and implementation. You need to know how to read a map and decide which routes are best for your trip. You need to park your supplies properly and make them fit on your motorcycle without slowing you down. Since you’ll not be using a car for the road trip, you have to improvise to make sure you have the vital things on your bike before you hit the road. Your sons of anarchy motorcycle accessories should be limited to what you need alone. The most important factor for choosing what you will be taking on your road trip is safety and comfort. This isn’t the time to put style above comfort.

Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Accessories Checklist

1) Sons Of Anarchy Full Face Helmet

This should be the first thing on your checklist. Even if you risk riding without a helmet in the city, don’t ever go on a long-distance road trip without one.

2) GPS

Even if you know old school map reading, it is still advised that you carry a portable GPS with you for easy navigation.

3) Extra Gloves

Apart from the primary gloves, carrying an extra pair will keep you safe in case one gets lost or torn. Waterproof gloves are the most ideal for long distance trips.

4) Clean Drinking Water

It’s important that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the ride. Carry at least two gallons of water with you and sip it when you feel tasty.

5) Sons Of Anarchy Footwear

Your riding boots should be the perfect fit. It should not be too tight or too loose. You can carry overboots along in case the weather becomes bad.

6) Documents

It is imperative that you go with all the necessary documents from ID, insurance, and even roadside information. They should be kept in case of emergency.

7) Bungee Cords

These will help keep your baggage in place while you ride. The last thing you want is to have your things scattered on the floor while riding on the main road.

8) Eyewear

Make sure you use protective eyewear for a long distance road trips on a motorcycle. Good sunglasses should be handy to protect your eyes as you ride. You can also carry a night glass for when it’s dark if you’ll be riding in the dark.

9) Tools

Carrying a few essential bike tools will help you get yourself out of an emergency situation. Even if you cannot use them, you may be lucky to find someone who knows how to. Also, don’t forget to carry your motorcycle cover especially if you’ll be staying in a motel overnight.

10) First Aid Kit

Always have a first aid kit with you when you’re planning a road trip. You don’t know when an emergency will occur, so it’s better to be prepared.


These are the ten most important things you should add to your sons of anarchy motorcycle accessories checklist when you’re planning a road trip. Remember also to check your bike and confirm that it is in good condition before you hit the road.


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