Motorcycle Tshirts

Motorcycle Tshirts

The Motorcycle TShirt Diaries: Taming The Road

It is safe to say that at one point or another everyone develops an unnatural attachment to a special t shirt, and yours just happens to consider itself the motorcycle tshirt because it lives for the ride just like you do. This is bond can be formed in many different ways, likely because the motorcycle tshirt had your back at some point, either during a special memory, or maybe that midlife crisis… it may have been the last gift your daughter gave you before she went off to college, or maybe you can’t even remember.

Hey, maybe after 9 years, 8 trips to Sturgis, a back operation, and 4 oil field layoffs, the shirt had just simply paid its dues. Nobody else however, seems to understand why a person would continue sporting the motorcycle tshirt, despite having more holes and oil stains than the exhaust manifold on your old Pan-Head.

Quite frankly, you don’t know how to even explain it to them. You don’t owe them an explanation either because they weren’t there for you the day you finally decided that moving forward, you would start wearing your helmet while riding after a buzzard came at your face like a wrecking ball and for a second, actually thought your neck was broken.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the notorious motorcycle tshirt was there through it all, never letting go… and never judging you either; like when you’re alone at the house and you tickle your own arm because it makes you giggle. Your secret is safe with the motorcycle tshirt.

As the cruel old bird that life can be, nothing lasts forever and eventually, the day comes in which one mist learn to say goodbye and let go gracefully. When the time comes to part ways, you find solace knowing that old blue-eyes is covering that sweet, sweaty, back in the sky. As life teaches all time and time again, endings make way for new beginnings. Fabric to fabric, cuffs to cuffs.

After time has a chance to begin healing wounds, it is important to maintain the willingness to love again, and plus, it’s what blue-eyes would want for you. As you begin to imagine yourself in some sweet new threads, an image comes into focus of this super gnarly, vintage cotton long sleeved (because you aren’t ready for a t-shirt JUST yet) with attitude, but not too much attitude. Maybe even a wrinkle resistant work style collared short sleeve that actually makes your posture better just imagining it!

Blue-eyes will have that special place in your heart for as long as it is coursing blood through your ice-cold veins, but maybe it’s time to give the one and only motorcycle shirt a roommate since hearts have like 3 or 4 valves anyway.

Now is the time to live life with no regrets and the throttle wide open! You never know when that next fabric window to the soul will come along, possibly even ON SALE, ready to dominate the open road… and also be there when your boss throws a huge pool party in April and you are still pretty fat from the holidays… Shirty Davidson will have your back, AND your front.


Motorcycle Tshirts
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