Motorcycle Shirt

Motorcycle Shirt

A Bikers Guide To Choosing A Motorcycle Shirt

The culture of wearing motorcycle shirts that have printed images dates as far back as the 1950s. T-shirts weren’t used as outer garments till around this time. The habit of wearing t-shirts as outer garments were made popular by the actor who played the role of a motorcyclist in a hit movie at the time. It eventually became a trend and continued to be a key aspect of the motorcycle culture till this day.

Okay, that’s enough of the history lesson. You’re probably reading this because you want to pick out motorcycle shirts and you’re not sure how to select the best one for you. This piece is your complete guide on how to select bikers shirt.

Picking Out A Motorcycle Shirt

1) Make Sure It’s Fitted

Many people believe that only a buff guy can look good on a t-shirt. Well, while people with more muscle mass look great in tees, they aren’t the only ones who can rock them. The key is finding the perfect fit. Pick a shirt that is just your fit, and you’ll look good in it. The sleeves should not go below or above your mid-bicep and should hug your arm gently. You don’t need to start struggling to build your arms to fit into a shirt you buy. You should buy a shirt that fits your present size and shape.

2) Who Needs Tailored Torso Shirts?

It’s better for a slim guy to go for a shirt with a tailored torso. This will prevent you from getting swallowed up in it. If you get swallowed up, your slim nature will be more obvious. For guys who are buff, allowing some room will do. The tighter it hugs your chest, the bigger your chest will look. So, if you want to look bigger in a t-shirt rather than smaller, go for a shirt that allows the definition of your chest to show.

3) Don’t Buy A Gown

T-shirts aren’t gowns. If you buy a shirt that is way below your belt, it no longer qualifies as a shirt. It should stop just a few inches below your belt. Your stomach should not be visible, but your butt should not be completely covered either. A tip you should know is that sleeve length usually determines the shirt length. So, if one is your perfect fit, the other will be too.

4) Mind The Fabric

The fact that it’s a t-shirt doesn’t mean you should not look out for quality fabric. There are different blends of motorcycle shirts on the market made from different materials. However, the best fabric for a t-shirt is cotton. This is because cotton is soft, breathable and strong. Go for shirts that are 100% cotton so you’ll be comfortable whenever you use them. Although some major brands make shirts with a mixture of polyester and cotton, these shirts are not as durable as shirts that are made from 100% cotton.


You don’t need to be a buff biker to rock a t-shirt. You can look good in a t-shirt whether or not you have big biceps and triceps. The key is picking out what is suitable for you.


Motorcycle Shirt
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